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Since 1955 Whatley Oil Company has been marketing fuels and lubricants. Standard Oil lubricants is what we started to market first. Now Whatley Oil Company markets Chevron, 76 Lubricants, Phillips 66, Pride and Whatco (Private Label).

With the following brands we can provide any lubricant for any application. Whether the lubricant application is industrial, off-road, heavy duty trucks or automotive, we can handle any request.

The following list contains what lubricants we keep in stock:

  • Engine Oils - Heavy Duty Diesel / Automotive
  • Engine Oils - Stationary, Railroad, and Aircraft (Jet Turbines/Reciprocating)
  • Hydraulic Oils - Applications: Stationary and Mobile Equipment
  • Compressor Oils - Applications: Stationary and Mobile
  • Greases - Applications: "Off-road", Truck/Automotive, Industrial, Specialty greases
  • Gear Oils - Truck/Automotive and Industrial applications
  • Transmission Oils - ATF (Type-F and Dexron/Mercon), Allison C-4, and TO-4 Fluids
  • Industrial applications: Metal Working Fluids, Way Lubes, Heat Transfer Fluids, Circulating Oils, Synthetic Oils (PAO / Di-Esters), Food Grade, and Textile.

We also have on our staff a STLE Certified Lubricant Specialist to provide solutions. Call us at 706-324-4271 if we can help you.

Engine Oils:
  • HDMO
  • PCMO
  • Other:
    Marine, Railroad, Gas Engine Oils
Transmission Fluid:
  • Automotive ATF
  • Hydraulic Tractor Fluid
  • Drive Train Fluids
Hydraulic Fluids:
  • Mobile Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Compressor
  • Way Lubricants
  • Turbine Oil
  • Food-Grade Application
  • Synthetic Lubricants
  • Others
Gear Oils:
  • Mobile Equipment
  • Transmission
  • Industrial Application
  • ChevronTexaco
  • ConocoPhillips
  • 76 Lubricants
  • Whatco (Private Label)
  • Mobile Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Food-Grade Application
  • Anti-Freeze:
    Conventional / Extended Life
  • Oil Sampling